Working with Hunts County Squash Club

Cambridge Sports Psychology were recently invited by the UK sports academy to demonstrate their work to various up and coming squash players at one of their summer training camps.  Based in Hemingford Grey, Hunts County Squash Club have international standard facilities, having recently held the British Under 23 Championships, with many club members having represented the County, universities and various countries at different age groups. The Club has held exhibitions by ex-World Champions.

Using our skills and techniques, we worked with some very aspiring squash players, helping them regain control over behaviours that were holding them back, and that had ultimately been stopping them from realising their potential.

Within a very short period of time, it was clear to see how effective our methods were. Instead of getting frustrated when things didn’t go their way, the players were remaining calm and without even thinking about it, focusing on the positives from the situation. Using advanced levels of NLP and Psychology, we helped retrain their minds so that they didn’t get angry if things went against them, or get frustrated if they made the same mistake a few times. Instead, they were able to use the short time in between points to re-focus and get back in ‘the zone’, ready to play again and this time win!

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