Improving Your Tennis Game

Here’s just one example within the sport of tennis where sports psychology has made an almost magical change in somone. When Andre Agassy went through his lean time he turned to Anthony Robbins and turned his career aroundĀ  and back to winning everything in sight, with just NLP.

Add Hypnosis to NLP and you have the ultimate recipe for creating maximum sporting performance and success.

Add people who are both great hypnotists and NLP Master Practitioners you get the best of everything!

Let’s have a look at areas in which Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis for tennis can be used with great success:


    • confidence reinforcement and confidence building


  • being inĀ focus and ignoring the pressure of specators, in fact turning it around to become stronger and more confident



  • Having th e winning mindset



  • unrelenting persistence to improve on your performance



  • being in the right mental place before, during and after a mattch and tournament



  • being able to relax at the right time



  • recovery from injuries and speeding up the healing process

These are just the tip of the iceburge of what’s available to you when you get your mind working for you.