Working with Cambridge Sports Psychology (CSP )

NLP (Neuro-Linquistic Programming) and hypnosis in sport has been accepted as one of the best ways to improve training, final performance and minimising the effect of injuries.

Here at Cambridge Sports Psychology (CSP) we are not only Master Practitioners and Trainers of both NLP & Hypnosis we have, through our constant desire to improve, developed these tools to be even better and produce amazing results.

From changing your beliefs that hold you back to gaining that winning mental attitude, drive and motivation we have the passion and skills to enable you to be better than you can imagine.

Whether it is working  one to one  or one to many, our outcome for you or your team is to have that Winning Mental Attitude that all great sportsmen and woman have.

The difference that makes the difference at the highest level is in the mind. In order to succeed at the highest level then you too must add to your physical training that mind winning difference.

  • Developing the focus and determination
  • Confidence in your ability and your ability to constantly improve your performance
  • To be able to perform better than your best when you need to win
  • To develop the motivation to train harder and better

To find out how we can help you specifically contact us or call and speak to Luke or Paul personally 01223 720 120

We all know the mind and body are connected and we will work with your fitness or sports coach so you can achieve your sporting goals.

If you need a personal fitness trainer we highly recommend you speaking to Dan Coley of Core Cambridge. Core Cambridge is a centre of excellence for injury rehabilitation and the development of athletic performance.